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Experience & Projects

Video Games

Multiple Titles (Music, Sound Design) - Blue Diamond Gaming

Dim Sum Robot #1 (Music) - Edward Dixon

Kid Tripp (Music) - Not Done Yet Games

Recyx (Sound Design Contributor) - Soleil Rouge

Life of Pixel (Music Contributor) - Super Icon

Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle (Music) - The Indie Forge

Bocce Ball (Music, Sound Design) - Unique Games

Return to Gloom Manor (Music, Sound Design) - Dusty Attic Studios

Lost Crypt (Sound Design Contributor) - WX3 Labs

You're Fired (Music) - Gamer Class Inc.

Dead Apocalypse: Zombie Rising (Music, Sound Design) - Madsox Games .

Monster Stacker (Music Contributor, Sound Design Contributor) - Fat Loot Games

Rift Rush (Music Contributor) - Lumina Celare

Monstermatic (Sound Design) - Mico Studios

The Memory of Eldurim (Music, Sound Design) - Liminal Games

Gingiva (Music Contributor) - Myformerselves

A Family of Grave Diggers (Music, Sound Design) - Mindoki Games

Mini Thief (Music, Sound Design) - Algert Sula

Barony (Music, Sound Design) - Turning Wheel

Forward to the Sky (Music, Sound Design) - Animu Games

With the Wind (Music) - Twirlbound

Pixel 8 (Music, Sound Design) - Playing With Giants Ltd

Wayward Terran Frontier (Music, Sound Design) - Reason Generator Inc.


iDig (Music) - Motion Source

Raw and Primal (Music) - Girl Pants Productions

Dirty Laundry Day (Sound Design, Sound Mixing) - Jamil Lahham

Doggie Harrasment (Sound Design, Sound Mixing) - Miau Miaou Productions



Wayward Terran Frontier Trailer 1 (Music) - Reason Generator

Wayward Terran Frontier Trailer 2 (Music) - Reason Generator

Barony Trailer (Music) - Turning Wheel

Dying Ember Trailer (Music) - Pirate v. Ninja

With the Wind Trailer (Music) - Twirlbound

Delivering Hope to a Community (Music) - Share Our Strength

Ceci n'est pas une Animation (Not publicly released) (Music) - Federico Kempke

Overgrow (Not publicly released) (Music, Sound Design) - Jennifer Crow

No Kid Should Go To Bed Without A Meal (Music) - Share Our Strength

Food Is Medicine (Music) - Share Our Strength