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Inside Video Game Recording

Game composer and podcaster extraordinaire Tom Snively speaks to Chris about writing music for games and analyzes a piece of music from "Claustrophobia: The Downward Stuggle" - Inside Video Game Music

Fellow composer and podcaster Charlie McCarron interviews Chris, asking questions regarding his work, music, and compositional process. - Composer Quest

"To add to the visual charm, Composer Chris Kukla does an excellent job with Kid Tripp's soundtrack, producing an excellent, memorable chiptunes soundtrack. Each world has its own tune that gives it a bit more character, and the title screen theme in particular is catchy." - Destructoid

"The music's great. We've been listening to the music for 5 minutes on loop and it's all really cool!" - IGN

"One of the elements of this game that impressed me the most was the game’s soundtrack. Every song is reminiscent of this older era in gaming, while also being completely catchy. It’s a wonderful addition and can keep you energized while getting your butt kicked in the game. Don’t miss out by playing without the sound." - Slide to Play